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From nostalgic furniture to Coca Cola antiques; we have a taste of history throughout our shop. Furniture, Gas Pumps, Old Radios that have been carefully re-conditioned without losing the historic integrity, lamps, trinkets, decor' items galore. We have it all.

Ron's Upholstery


Ron’s upholstery shop is busier than ever. There is nothing better than an older piece of well built furniture, just ask Ron, he can tell you!  Don’t throw away the “old” stuff, come in and see what Ron can do to make it new again.  With over 38 years of experience and over 2000 fabrics to choose from, come in and see just how Ron can transform your “old” to “new”!  Don’t forget it’s not just furniture Ron can upholster, he can do just about anything including cars or pickup seats, or even complete vintage or classic car restorations! 

Unique Finds


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